Anonymous asked:

I'm a biracial, mentally ill, heterosexual woman. But once you log onto to tumblr you just.. wow you feel so wrong about every single fucking thing you do. From eating an egg, laughing at dirty jokes, using electricity, to shopping at the wrong store. I'm not saying tumblr doesn't help at all, but.. wow. Let me LIVE!! FUCK!!!! Life sucks as it is!! I think once we actually back the fuck off each other and focus the rage more on the issues themselves, shit will change.

sjwstupidity answered:

Honestly, people who feel the need to “call out” people for every damn thing…how do they not get relentlessly bullied IRL for being such annoying twats?  And if they do, how do they not realize the bullying isn’t a result of them being from a “marginalized group” but because they’re actually annoying as shit?

Honestly, you should just laugh in their proverbial faces the next time anyone gives you shit.



Do people on here realize there’s no concept of cultural appropriation outside of tumblr? In the real world we’ll all wear what we want and you probably won’t say shit.
Do people on here realize the only place where cute and bunnies are considered genders or identities is tumblr? You nounself…